Tree Wound Dressing

LAC BALSAM 150 g tube
350 g brush tube
1 kg pail w/handle
4 kg pail
Manufactured by Frunol-delicia.

An artificial bark for treatment of wounds and for tree cultivation. Contains a plant extract ingredient that protects the plant from fungi. Made of ALL NATURAL biodegradable materials.

  • Environmentally friendly tree wound seal and treatment for simple and effective protection from pests for injuries to bark.
  • Easy to spread and highly economical.
  • Package sizes: 350g tube with applicator brush (SU: 20 x 350g)
NIEMEYER TREE PAINT 13 oz. aerosol can
(12 per case)
Manufactured by Spray Products Corp.

Contains 17.5% Trichloroethane, in a petroleum formulation for use as a tree wound compound.